At Rock & Rain we love to hear children playing. We love to feel their excitement as they get ready for a visit to the mud kitchen or the local park. We love to see their happy cheeky faces as they jump in puddles or get messy with their paints….just because they can.

We deeply believe that children learn through play, and, as parents, we believe that outdoor & creative play is essential for the development of rounded happy children.

We know that outdoor play is essential for our children’s appreciation of the outdoor world, but most importantly, that playing outside regularly is linked to positive long term mental and physical health.

We have set up the Rock & Rain business to bring the best products to you. Co-founders Lee and Karen make a great team. Lee has a strong background in design, buying and merchandising within the clothing sector (having spent the last 10 years working for Blacks and Millets responsible for all outdoor clothing including childrenswear). Karen has a 15 year background in project management and communication, is a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, and is an actively competing sportswoman. Through Rock & Rain we bring together an expertise in waterproof clothing, a passion for the outdoors, a devotion to positive child development through play and a complete belief in the benefits of regular exercise & exploration on all round health.

We know that price can be a barrier when buying proper waterproof gear for children, so we’ve used our experience in the outdoor clothing market to design and produce waterproofs to the highest standard, whilst keeping the prices down and offering bulk buying discounts to nurseries, pre-schools and schools.

We are here because we care; we are passionate about our products; and we want all children to have the opportunity to play freely at home or at nursery, whatever the weather.

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