Product Info & Care

Product Info & Care


Our Rock & Rain range is made from a soft yet hardwearing 210D Polyester – waterproof to 5000mm+. The durable Polyester fabric has a fine Polyurethane (PU) coating on the inside which prevents water penetrating the fabric. Our fabric has been independently tested by Bureau Veritas to insure top performance in outdoor wear.


It is important that you follow the recommended care instructions available on the inner label of all Rock & Rain garments carefully in order to get the longest life out of your purchase.

For all products a shake and/or wipe with a damp cloth will usually be enough to clean the garment. Hang your garment until dry and ensure that it is aired between uses to prevent mildew from developing.

Whilst our Rock & Rain range are machine washable this should only be done occasionally, as with all waterproof garments, washing will shorten the life of the seam tape and fine PU coating used for proofing. If it is absolutely necessary to wash your garment then please follow the washing instructions below.

Washing Instructions

• Close zippers present on your garment. This helps to protect the fine PU coating on the inside of the garment.
• Use a soft brush to remove any excess mud from the outside of the garment before beginning the wash cycle.
• Avoid use of detergents, biological washing powders and fabric conditioners/softeners. Also do not use commercial stain removers or bleach as they will degrade your garment.
• It is advised that you use a specialised performance wash such as Nikwax Tech Wash available in our online shop and from most outdoor stores or pure soap flakes available from most supermarkets when washing your garment.
• Machine wash – Ensure there are no traces of detergent in the machine by running a rinse cycle before you start. Wash on a delicate or synthetic wash with a gentle spin – maximum temperature 30ºC (cool wash).
• Hand wash – Immerse the garment in a sink with cool water. Using a specialized performance wash or pure soap, gently agitate the water. Rinse in clean water 3 times, or until run-off is clear. Do not wring or squeeze your garment.
• Hang your garment to drip dry away from direct sunlight, Do not tumble dry or iron your garment as heat can damage the garments waterproofing.


Take special care to keep your Rock & Rain garment out of harms way. Solvents, insecticides such as bug spray, and alcohol based products such as hair spray and spray sunscreen will destroy the PU coating and seam tape.

Do not store your Rock & Rain garment wet or even slightly damp as this may result in the development of mould and mildew which will weaken both the seams and fabric. Store your Rock & Rain garment away from direct sunlight in a well aired place.


The PU coating will wear off over time and this will happen faster with washing. We recommended occasional re-treatment to help extend the life of the garment and enhance its technical performance.

If a subsequent treatment is necessary to re-proof the fabric then wash your garment as directed on the care label with waterproofing treatment such as Nikwax.TX.Direct® Wash-In available through our shop, online or from many outdoor stores. Follow the instruction on the bottle carefully. You may repeat this re-proofing process as many times as needed.