Rock and Rain Parents

Our customers and our children tell us that Rock & Rain suits are perfect for…

Rainy or muddy days

Getting outside whatever the weather (in the past 30 years in the UK we’ve had an average of 150 rain days per year, that’s nearly half of our weekends, each year!)

Winter or summer

Durable, lightweight fabric, generous fit over bulky winter clothes & comfortable loose fitting design for rainy summer days.

Messy play

Not just mud, but paint, pasta, foam & jelly too….the messier the better….& after all of that fun, they’re easy to clean and dry too!

A Trip to the local park,the forest or even your garden!

Windproof & fully waterproof with re-enforced knees and seat & reflective zones

Getting ready quickly

Bright colours that children love to wear, bold sizing labels & just one zip….they’re ready to go.

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