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The Adventures of the Rock & Rain Kids….

When I grew up in the 80’s, I had a great childhood, playing mostly outdoors with my 2 brothers & our friends. We loved nothing more than playing rounders in the field next to our house, searching swamp ground for tadpoles or casually climbing trees during a game of hide & seek.

Today, children’s lives can often feel much more sheltered by comparison. Instead of running free and being back home in time for tea, we can be guilty of structuring their activities in a very sanitised way – Whether it be sending them off to tumble tots to climb in a safe & approved manner, pre-booking a block of swimming lessons at our local Esporta, or signing up term at a time for Musical Monkeys & Mini Pinnys.

Part of me can understand all the good and valid reasons why society is like this – increased traffic means roads are more dangerous, and media hysteria means a heightened fear around risks that haven’t particularly increased. But another part of me is determined that my children shouldn’t miss out on all the FUN things I did with my brothers and our friends when we were young.

The most powerful & enduring memories of my childhood also aren’t about computer games, or theme parks or expensive toys with my name branded on them. They’re about spending time outside, creating adventures, becoming independent & having fun.

I have 3 adorable girls… Piper, Scout & Sailor. Karen, has 2 wonderful children Joshua & Freia. We’re determined that they get to enjoy all the fun things we did & more throughout their childhood.

Today I asked Piper & Scout [who are 6 & 4] what fun activities we should plan to do in their Rock & Rain suits. (Sailor has only just turned one, so she didn’t have too much to say, though I know she’ll enjoy whatever her sisters plot out for her too!]

Anyway… here’s their top 10 list to get us started…

1. Splash around in muddy puddles

2. Chase butterflies in the forest

3. Go on a worm hunt [Scout loves worms!]

4. Roll in the mud [Piper loves mud!]

5. Make snow angels in the snow & mud angels in the mud

6. Have a crazy paint fight

7. Make daisy chains in the rain

8. Go sledging

9. Make mud pies [for daddy’s tea]

10. Climb trees & swing from the branches [like the little monkeys that they are!]

We’ll be keeping you updated with how the girls & their friends get on with their list. Keep an eye out for photos and quotes from the kids as they work their way through them.

What do you think – would you like to add anything to Piper & Scouts’ list? Are you going to try them out too?

Let us know & let us know of any other great ideas you have too – these kids are up for lots of fun!

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