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The Kids Rock in all kinds of weather!

What a crazy weather week it’s been here at Rock & Rain HQ! Awesome sunshine, followed by torrential rainfall… and guess what, the kids have loved it all! Aren’t they so lucky to get to truly appreciate what Mother Nature loves to throw our UK way!

They’ve certainly taken this opportunity to get ticking off a few of their top 10 things to do in their rock & rain suits…


Starting with number 6 on their list “A crazy paint fight”. It was sunny & they hadn’t had their suits on for a few days so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get them back in them! The sheer joy of being set free with paint sent giggles & laughter all the way through the neighbourhood. The grass was a very interesting rainbow pattern for a few days… but hey ho, that’s a minor detail & nothing that the recent torrential rainfall hasn’t already sorted out!


Talking of torrential rainfall… the sunshine certainly didn’t hang around for the Bank Holiday! Suits were back on (with a few paint stains to boot) & taken for a wet & muddy adventure into Hazelborough Woods by Silverstone.

Piper – “the mad mud lover” completed her desire to roll relentlessly in the mud (Number 4 ticked off then…. though I think she’ll keep ticking that one off as often as she can!)

Scout, “Northamptonshire’s biggest worm lover”, was on the hunt for some of her little friends. No joy this time round… but she was quietly appeased by her slug buddy find at the edge of the woods. She took this photo of it hanging out with her sister… she says “can you tell the difference!!?”

puddle wgirls wslug wsailor wden w

Sailor, it turns out likes to eat mud, a lot. Hmmmm… is that a reflection on my cooking!?

A quick den build rounded off a great rainy day in the woods. Can’t wait to see what the weather throws our way over the next couple of weeks… though I think it’ll be a little while before we can tick snow angels off the list!


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